BaptistCare is a leading, not-for-profit, Christian care organisation that has been serving the aged and people living with disadvantage for over 70 years. They support thousands of people across NSW and the ACT through more than 160 facilities and programs.



BaptisCare’s audience is the 500+ Care Facilitators (and care workers) spread across New South Wales and the ACT. They are highly professional, intuitive and motivated, providing care solutions for their aged care customers. Care Facilitators are now be expected to add ‘sales’ to their responsibilities. The main challenge was that they have never previously had to deal with sales, and they might be naturally averse to the concept.

Another challenge was deciding the tone and approach for the modules, as well as agreeing the format. The subject matter experts felt the content needed to be dealt with in a very formal, serious way, or it would be condescending. On the other hand, the project managers and branding managers wanted the modules to be engaging and have ‘sizzle’.




Field research
We worked closely with Care Facilitators in the field, who had exceptional customer service and sales skills. From our research we formulated an industry-best sales process for building rapport, using active listening and questioning (needs analysis), finding holistic solutions, overcoming objections and closing the sale. We focussed on the employee’s required actions, not on information overload. Engaging content results in greater learner enthusiasm, better learning and better transfer of skills to the workplace.

We decided to deal with the ‘sales’ elephant in the room head-on. The learner is asked what their first thoughts are about sales, then prompted to ‘detonate’ some preconceived myths about sales. It’s a fun way to overcome their fears of this new focus on sales.

Immersive scenarios and storyline
The instructional designers then used their analysis and research to develop scenarios and storylines that are realistic and constructive, but still engaging and fun. A real-life storyline drives the learning through all the modules. The learner follows Brooke, a new Facilitator, someone they can identify with. They assist Brooke to make decisions as she works with a range of customers in their homes.

We used humour where relevant, to inject a sense of fun. However the scenarios are very realistic and immersive. Learners can identify easily with the aged care characters and their needs.

Stunning use of media
We designed the modules to be visually very engaging, and we used a range of media e.g. custom photos, video clips, infographics and animations.

The video was best used for ‘constructivist’ interactions. We see Brooke talking to several customers, and we are provided with different options in reply. The learner is asked to use their judgement when deciding on the answer. Feedback and content then reinforces their decision or provides the knowledge they need. In this way, the learner ‘constructs’ their own knowledge as they progress through the learning experience.

Flexible learning
The learning solution was developed for multi devices, and is W.C.A.G. accessible to AA level.



Management feedback from the rollout is very positive. They are very pleased with the final product, and feel it will stand BaptisCare in good stead in the future. The project manager stated that ‘a new bench mark has been set’.

Learner feedback demonstrates that the scenarios and storyline are pitched at exactly the right level, and are not considered patronising. They feel the video and scenarios bring the content to life and they are motivated to learn the skills alongside Brooke.