Some of our great off-the-shelf courses

We’ve already done most of the work for you! Have a look at some of our most popular off-the-shelf courses.


Want to protect your people, your physical assets and your information from security threats?

In this 20 minute course the learner explores a virtual workplace, finds out their responsibilities, and how to keep their workplace, themselves, and your information secure.

The course includes a fact sheet, and post assessment.

Workplace health and safety

Safety at work is vitally important to all organisations. Safety can only be achieved if everyone takes responsibility.

In this 20 minute course learners explore a virtual workplace to find out what their responsibilities are and how to turn a hazardous workplace into a safe one.

They also learn about correct manual handling, how to correctly set up a computer workstation and how to prevent and deal with an emergency at work. The course includes a fact sheet, and post assessment.


Equal employment opportunities

How can you ensure you provide a positive work environment….one which is fair, equitable and free from discrimination? By ensuring everyone recognises harassment, discrimination and bullying behaviours, and is able to deal with these effectively.

In this 30 minute course the learner will be immersed into realistic, interactive scenarios where they make decisions and see the consequences. This is a powerful way to learn! The course includes a fact sheet, and post assessment.

Go for green

Winner of LearnX and AITD awards. Reap the financial and human benefits of a greener approach to business.

In this 30 minute course, find out how we are impacting the environment and the simple steps we can all take to create a greener culture in the workplace.

The result will be to align employee behaviours with your organisation’s commitment to environmental sustainability.



The people you deal with trust you to keep their personal information private.

In this 20 minute scenario-based course the learner finds out about their responsibilities, and how to protect confidentiality and privacy.

The course includes a fact sheet, and post assessment.



"Openlearn have always been very professional and capable in the development of eLearning modules to our specifications... met timelines, been flexible with moving project requirements and timeframes, and provided valuable advice to improve our product."

Suzanne Spitz, Program Manager (Allied Health), WA Country Health Service